"I have been a member for the past year and I absolutely love the entire River Club experience. There are so many fun activities! I was warmly welcomed by the other members and in no time at all I felt like I was part of the RC family. The golf course is amazing and it is always in beautiful condition. I can't say enough about the staff - at every level they truly work hard to make your time there enjoyable. Joining the RC was one of the best decisions ever!"

- Leah

"We have been country club members most of our adult lives. When we moved to the area we decided to look for a country club to join. As soon as we found the River Club there was no reason to look any further!

We believe a country club should feel like home and family. The River Club facilities and the top notch staff exceeds all expectations. The attention to detail is unparalleled. What's most impressive is the team wants to make our time at the club special. Dana I and I try to make everyone we interact with feel special and the staff make us feel like we are amongst family!

Additionally, we try to attend as many events as possible, they're all well executed and professionally done. We hate to miss one!

On a different note, I have been able to utilize our club for all of my corporate needs. We host all our company meetings/corporate dinners. The food is always amazing and the banquet staff makes everyone feel special. We have our company golf activities at the River Club as well...I continue to be amazed at what the golf staff does to make our events fun and creative.

Why we do our events at the club and why we keep coming back is...the AMAZING RIVER CLUB STAFF...they LOVE being a part of our events and make OUR team members feel welcomed..as if they are River Club members too!

Club houses, swimming pools, golf courses, etc. are great, but it's the people that make a country club where you want to be. The River Club is our family and our home away from home."

- JL

"As a River Club member for just over a year, my family of four couldn't be happier.

We love the event's, staff and members at the club. The new ownership's dedication to constantly improving the club is exciting see the transformation in real time. We can not express enough how much of a positive family atmosphere the staff creates every day."

- J. Papachristou

"Taking time to be a part of the events the club offers was wonderful. I was able to meet so many members and make new friendships. From Tuesday Men’s league, River Cup and various events. Seems like every week something was going on I wanted to be a part of. "

- Mark R.